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Total Reach Drone Tours

Aerial photography and videography has the ability to enrich and show your property in an entirely new light. In the past, in order to gain a bird’s eye view, we had to employ helicopters. Today, with the use of small quad-copter drones, aerial photography and videography is now becoming more accessible to a wider range of real-estate clients, making aerial photography and video much easier to incorporate into any project.

Using our small, quad-copter drones, we are able to safely produce one-of-a-kind, high-definition, aerial videos and photos. We offer cost-efficient, aerial videography and photography services that enable our real-estate clients to obtain aerial footage where it once would have been too expensive.

What's Included

  • -- Edited, high-definition, aerial video of your listing accompanied by royalty-free music
  • -- A minimum of 20, high-resolution, aerial photos of your listing
  • -- Assitance with the uploading and sharing of your video
  • -- Raw, high-definition, aerial video of your listing (on request)


We currently offer two ways to purchase our Total Reach Drone Tours. You may purchase our Preferred Agent package, which includes discount pricing on all of our Total Reach Drone and Total Reach 3D Home Tours services. If you plan on needing multiple Total Reach Drone Tours and/or Total Reach 3D Home Tours, this is the plan for you. Learn more about our Preferred Agent Package with the link below.

Preferred Agent Info

  • -- $350 Full Drone Package: includes Video and Still Photos
  • -- $250 Drone Video Only
  • -- $150 Still Photos Only

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Would you like more information regarding our Total Reach Drone Home Tours? Please contact us with the link below and we will contact you soon.

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